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Tuesday, 13 de December de 2011

Our latest publications address a variety of issues:

Vasconcellos et al (2011) analyze organic and inorganic components, including metals, of inhalable particles in Bogotá, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paulo. In all cities, formate/acetate ratios indicated the strong contribution of photochemical reactions. Analyzes were performed using in a coordinated manner existing laboratories in various cities. Click here to see more. Or download it directly here .

Saide et al (2011 ) developed an urban scale PM10 and PM2.5 forecasting system that tackles the stable nocturnal conditions and steep topography of Santiago. PM10 and PM2.5 events are effectively simulated using CO as a PM surrogate.Results show that pollution episodes seem to be dominated by previous days emissions. Click here for furhter information.Or the link for the pdf version here

Gallardo et al (2011) use observed CO to NOx molar ratios to evaluate mobile emissions at four South American cities.CO to NOx molar ratios decrease over the last 10–15 years, mostly due to reductions in CO emissions.The observed ratios are not captured by available inventories.  Major uncertainties are linked to CO emission factors and inadequate activity data for NOx. The evidence indicates overestimates of current NOx emissions. Link to the article here .
Or download it directly here .

Resultados SAEMC en Iowa News
Thursday, 26 de May de 2011

Otra contribución mas de Pablo Saide en representación de SAEMC,esta vez en Iowa News  .


Además tenemos otro aporte, ahora en TV online: Link .

Interesante Contrbución de Pablo Saide
Friday, 15 de April de 2011

 Felicitaciones a Pablo por su gran contribución a la investigación de episodios críticos de esmog en Chile, para mas detalles ver la imagen adjunta.


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