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Presentations at symposia, workshops and seminars
Presentations made within the project framework.


folder icon 1 Urban Responses to Climate Change

Training Institute on Urban Responses to Climate Change: Politics, Strategies and Instruments for Latin America and Caribbean

November 1-6, CEPAL, Santiago, Chile

folder icon 13 Workshop Chile June 2007
Presentations from Data assimilation theory and applications in chemical weather forecast workshop that took place at CMM, Santiago 5 - 7 June 2007.
folder icon 5 Workshop Grid CMM-Reuna

"II Workshop for Linking Science and Business - e-Science and Industry: Towards a National Grid Infrastructure"

May 7th - 8th, 2008.

folder icon 6 Local Seminars
Presentation made at local seminars performed in Chile within SAEMC framework or SAEMC support.
folder icon 11 At International Congresses
Presentations made at international congresses with the support of SAEMC project.
folder icon 41 Ubatuba Workshop 2008
SAEMC Ubatuba Workshop meeting, April 2008.

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