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ADAPTE Project


This  project  seeks  to investigate  a crucial  and not  yet  fully explored  problem:  the independent  and  combined  effects  of  exposure  to  weather  related  stresses  and  air pollution and human vulnerability to urban health in four Latin American cities (Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Mexico City, and Santiago Chile). The project will explore how patterns in human mortality/morbidity and vulnerability vary spatially, and the human and natural factors accounting for this differential distribution within the cities.

Statistical and geospatial analytic methods will be used to develop a spatially explicit understanding of urban vulnerability. A Geographic Information System (GIS) will be aimed at exploring patterns of mortality/morbidity risk and vulnerability as assessed from city and municipality data. Case studies to assess local vulnerabilities will be conducted in two communities  in each city. Interviews  will be used to gauge local knowledge, attitudes and practices vis-à-vis vulnerability, adaptive capacity and actual adaptations.

This project represents  advances in climate-change research. It combines qualitative and quantitative indicators to represent spatial variations in socioeconomic vulnerability. It compliments two interdisciplinary projects to more accurately assess vulnerabilities to the combined effects of atmospheric pollution and climate extremes.

The results of the proposed project can be used by the Public Health authorities of the four cities to better plan for extreme weather and air pollution episodes. In conjunction with the other two projects, it will provide a more integrated analysis of these problems in a  climate  change  context,  predominantly  in  urban  areas  that  may not  currently  face problems  associated  with extreme heat, but which might develop them in the future. Researchers will also collaborate with county authorities of the two studied communities in each city in order to better design adequate plans that contribute to decreasing the detected vulnerabilities.


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