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SAEMC Meeting Cartagena 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 August 2009
With nearly 200 participants from 10 countries, took place the II Colombian Congress and International Conference on Air Quality and Public Health (Cartagena, Colombia: 14-17 July 2009), which served as a framework for annual reunion network project researchers SAEMC. During this event, dealt with the characterization of air pollution (methods of measurement and analysis of information related to air pollution), modeling of air quality and meteorology (methods of analysis and prediction of pollution levels they deem the phenomena of dispersion, transport and transformation of pollutants in the atmosphere species), air quality and public health (epidemiology, toxicology, and determination of levels of personal exposure), transport, mobility and quality of air pollution hearing and strategies and policies to reduce air pollution.


As major conclusions of this conference highlights the importance of the connotation of public health concerns that air pollution, the need to bring to the academic decision-makers and the fundamental principle that public policy environment is supported by technical and scientific knowledge.

Eduardo Behrentz, Ph.D.

Director-Centro de Estudios en Sostenibilidad Urbana y Regional - Universidad de los Andes


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