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Project activities and information

  • Conferences and workshops
  • 2008 SAEMC Workshop @ Ubatuba, Brazil
  • I Congreso Colombiano de Calidad del Aire y Salud Pública
  • 10th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Applications to Air Quality
  • SAEMC-IAI, TIC-AMSUD Meeting: "Data assimilation theory and applications: analysis and use of inverse modeling techniques using Polyphemus platform"
  • V Congreso Interamericano de la Calidad del Aire AIDIS
  • ACCENT Network
  • Campaigns
  • IVE Campaign at Buenos Aires
  • Instrumentation
  • Equipment for Emission Vehicle Testing: two different equipments have been purchased for SAEMC experimental activities, which are described below:
Equipment description Amount in US$
2 x DI-1000 carrying case

DI-1020 Swagelok fitting

DI-2003 Accessories for double Diluter setup, 230V.

Includes: DH-1523, DR-1623, DH-1723,

DR-1823, DI-1010b, DI-1011, DI-1019.

Supplied by DEKATI (www.dekati.com)
Aethalometer, model AE42-2 "Portable"

Sharp-cut Cyclone Inlet

Additional roll of Filter Tape

Supplied by Magee Scientific Co. (www.mageesci.com)
Total 41,187

The first equipment (DEKATI diluter) has been installed on the vehicle emission laboratory:

The second equipment (Athaelometer) has been ordered and it will be received in Santiago during the next three months.
Future SAEMC experimental work will be carried out at the facilities in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The co-PI, Dr. Mauricio Osses, has received a donation from Honda Research&Development Americas Inc., consisting of a chassis dynamometer for light duty vehicles and a set of gas-analyzers. The equipments provided by IAI to SAEMC project are an excellent complement to the donated equipments.
The donation reaches a total of US$ 915,000 (equipments provided by Hond R&D) plus US$ 32,000 (shipping, installation, provided by University of Chile).
  • Storage capacity at CMM, Chile: in order to assure data storage and availability, a 1.5 TB Apple XRaid has been bought. This storage can be accessed transparently from the different cluster frontends and systems. A photo of the storage is located below this line: