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During 2004, we established, under the auspices of IAI, a multi-national research network focusing on the estimate and evaluation of mobile emissions in South American megacities (UMESAM, www.cmm.uchile.cl/umesam). This network involves nine (9) research groups from six (6) countries. It was intended, ab initio, to be part of a consolidation effort in the development of Earth System Modeling tools, and more particularly to provide a functional and validated basis on atmospheric chemistry and climate research, and the establishment of long-term sustainable policies. Therefore, it seems now logical for us to propose an enhanced activity that, in addition to the development of emission inventories suited for air quality and climate assessments, will provide regional scale past, present and future climate change scenarios, with a unique emphasis on the evolution of air quality in South American megacities, and the implementation of coordinated regional chemical weather forecast tools.